2016 -2017 & The Death Of A Music Icon


It’s 2017 and 2016 been a year I won’t forget .

I took my first trip to America to the gorgeous San Diego & LA earlier this year. It was when Brexit happened and the Americans kept asking if I was going to be able to get back in to the UK . Bless them . America was lovely so much nicer than I thought it would be . I saw the wild sea lions in LA Jolla and went to Sea World and San Diego Zoo and had a brilliant time in LA as well . I enjoyed it so much I’m going back in March for another holiday

But there has also been lots of sadness with so many famous & talented people dying in 2016 . Sort of a pry of my youth and background of my growing up . 
David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds & Muhammad Ali & on Christmas day George Michael to name but a few of the talented people that’s have passed away in 2016 . 

For myself personally though the death of George Michael was one that really shocked & upset me a lot .
Growing up George Michael & Wham & his solo songs were a huge part of my life .

I was a massive fan of Wham but when he went solo I think that was the time that I really began to like any sort of music . I went to several of his concerts over the years with friends and he was totally amazing as a performer . I’ve seen many artist since but George Michale remains the very best . Many car journeys with friends and family have been eased by singing along  to his classics like wake me up and club tropicanna 

Like many people his many songs like Careless Whisper , Different Corner, Jesus to a Child Faith , Freedom & many many others have been the background music for many significant points in my life .The  background to the 80s & 90s for many of his fans myself 

Last Christmas was always always played at Christmas in my house without fail every year. along with Everything She Wants & Careless Whisper which was the ultimate smooch song. Club Tropicana Wham Rap  & Freedom was the background music for cheesy girls nights outs .

It’s been the only time in my life that someone famous who I really liked & admired and was a big part of my youth and growing up has died and I will admit to crying over his death on Christmas Day when I heard about it.

He was one of those people that never took himself to seriously and always managed to turn a negative situation into something positive from being caught in a toilet in LA and making a hit song out of it, to going to prison in the UK and having the prisoners singing his hit songs everyday to him .

But he took it all in his stride and never really complained . He was immensely private but also hugely famous and the two don’t really go together I suppose.  

Being gay and not being able to admit this and a heartthrob to millions of women couldn’t of been easy in the 80s either . But it didn’t stop his millions of fans still loving his music and admiring him when he finally admitted he was gay .
No one cared really . As a fan like many others , I was happy that he could finally be happy with himself and no longer live a lie.  I absolutely adored his music from the very beginning . And I along with many others cried at his death on Christmas Day . 

RIP George Michael . You were a true gentleman and a true star and gave so many people much happiness through your music ,your beautiful voice and your many unheard of charitable deeds. You were loved  admired by so many people  and your soul will live on in our memories of you and your beautiful music .

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