Not as bad as I thought it would be

Ive recently spent a week at Euro Disney .Theme parks are just not my thing. Ive only been to Alton Towers twice in my life and that was enough

The nearest I get to a theme park would be the Pier at Weston Super Mare

I sort of got suckered into going but decided if I had to spend a week of hell with screaming kids stressed parents , and cheesy disney characters then I would do it properly and stay at the Disney Land Hotel
Mainly because it’s right next to the parks and should I get the urge to want to kill someone in fact anyone including Micky Mouse or Donald Duck I could retreat to the hotel to chill out Queuing for 2 hours to ride Indiana Jones or the Tower of Terror can do strange things to a persons mind .

But the hotel was fabulous it really is something special and staying at the hotel we ate every night in Inventions restaurants where all the disney characters hang out . So my dinner consisted of Pluto Micky Minnie Tigger Goofy and numerous other Disney Characters. Fun on the first & second night but driving me insane on my last night .

The hotel even smells wonderful and when enquiring about the smell I was told I could buy the Disneyland Smell as a air freshener for only 60 euros ? Disney has cornered every market to sell to people possible including the smell of the hotel

I decided that I would release the inner child in me for most of the time and go with the flow .

Ive always thought it was ridiculous that people had told me that you must book your meals in advance and be very organised .Why I thought to myself it’s a holiday why do you need to be organised but I can totally understand why .

it was like a well planned operation. I was lucky enough to get a brilliant deal which included 2 character meals a day if required so I thought I might as well take advantage of it and booked the meals in advance for every day that I was there .This meant that we had 12 bloody character meals
I was glad that I did book in advance as lots of people couldn’t get reservations and were being told that the nearest reservations in the character restaurants were 5 days away .

So the days went something like this
Breakfast at 7am
In the parks by 8am to take advantage of the early morning magic hours and get on the rides without queuing .
10 am it was over the the Disney Studios which I personally preferred and start the first fast pass of the day and doing single rider access to ensure that we all got on our favourite rides
Queues were way to long for me 90 mins was average for Crushers Coaster and Tower of Terror both of which I loved
And queuing an hour to go on a ride that last 45 seconds is not something I like to do .
Lunch with either the princess’s at their Castle or at cafe Mickey every day
Then back in the parks to get on more rides and do more mad stuff before watching the fireworks at 8pm & dinner at 9pm with the Disney characters and in bed by 11.30 to get ready for another day .

I need a holiday to get over this holiday ,

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