Paris In Paris


After 3 mad days in Disney going on ride after ride walking from park to park and being on the go all day long ,we really needed a chill out day and thought that a day out in Paris would be in order .
So we got the train from Euro Disney to Paris getting off at the Trocadero and stupidly asking where the Eiffel Tower was ( like its not bloody big enough to spot ) .

But If you can call a chill out day walking , yes walking up the bloody Eiffel Tower then that’s what we did to relax lol
We could have taken the lifts but there was a queue and after spending time queuing in Euro Disney the last thing I wanted to do was bloody queue again .
So we walked up the steps right up to the first floor where incredibly there is a ice skating rink.
and then up to the second floor where we got some amazing & very beautiful views of Paris before taking the lift to the very very top floor to look at Paris from the very top of tower

I don’t even like driving across the Clifton Suspension Bridge so being right at the top is quite queasy looking all the way down with just a bit of metal in front of you is a little bit scary

Walking back down was a lot more fun than walking up though and I got back down to the bottom in record time .

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