Bates Motel in sunny Wolverhampton

Recently I spent a few days in Wolverhampton .
It was the week when we had our British Summer of tropical weather with temperature reaching the mid thirties by midday .
And I had to pick the only hotel that had no bloody air con .

It was also a bigger version of the Bates Motel from the film Pyscho but that’s another story for another day
The particular hotel is a cross between Bates Motel and your dear old grans house with the decor to match. Sort of shabby chic but way more shabby than chic .

I’m not going to name the hotel but anyone who lives in Wolverhampton or has worked in Wolverhampton will know the hotel that I mean . It’s notoriety is well known . I didn’t even have to say the name but just mention the pub and every client knew where I was staying .

The hotels saving grace was that it was a fabulous location in Wolverhampton with a great pub opposite and the town centre a five minute walk away & cheap parking and it had that rarity in a hotel – windows that actually open properly .
Although that might be so that you can throw yourself out to kill yourself if necessary .

And I only paid £160 for 4 nights so I can’t really grumble at that price .


This particular chain of hotels all have fabulous first class locations in the UK . Nearly always right in the city centre with everything you need within walking distance .

But it seems like the owners do nothing to update the hotels and spend the bare minimum on the hotels which is a shame as they could be amazing hotels with a little bit of thought and care – ok a lot of thought and care and a ton of paint




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