San Diego Hollywood Valet Parking & Food

Ive recently had an amazing trip to America
First I spent some time in Tijuana Mexico visiting friends who live there before heading over the border to San Diego for a week before catching the Amtrack train to LA & Hollywood for a Week.
My flight was long a flight from London to Mexico City thrn a flight from Mexico City to Tijuana

Tijuana or TJ as it’s known is one of the busiest land border crossings in the world .
I saw the famous fence that’s stretches out into the sea and runs for over 2000 miles separating America from Mexico .
Good luck with Trump trying to build that wall that’s he wants . It’s going to be a tough one to build .
It’s fun though to walk across the border both ways and doesn’t take that long, maybe 30-45 mins . Thousands of people do it every single day .

And once your in San Diego you can walk to the huge Shopping plaza that has everything at 50 percent off or you can visit the last McDonald’s in America right on the border with TJ or like me you can get the trolly /tram that goes right from the border to down town San Diegio

I swear American border control officers do a course in how to be grade 1 miserable fuckers They never ever smile .


San Diego though is gorgeous city . I visited last summer and really enjoyed myself so wanted to visit again but spend more time on the beach
So this time I spent most of my time relaxing at Mission beach sunbathing and managed to get up to La Jolla where the crazy sea lions live and have practically taken over parts of the beach in La Jolla .

Hollywood on the other hand is totally different place to San Diego, sleazy dirty and crazy & lots of fun all in one go.
I stayed at the Loews Hotel which is probably one of the best hotels in Hollywood if you want to be on the walk of fame and right where the action is which I did .

It’s connected to the Chinese Theatre & the Dolby Cinema where the Oscars are held so it’s the perfect location to star spot and have some fun .

I wasn’t driving and used public transport and it was pretty easy to get around here in LA everyone seems to drive like they just need to be somewhere yesterday and that they got a fucking horn as a Christmas present and just realised it and need to use it constantly .

Not to mention the constant revving of the Engines. Yes we know is a Ferrari, Bentley Porsche ( insert whatever high end car you like ) but you are not Vin Diesel and your not fucking drag racing .. They drive like cunts probably mainly because unlike the UK there are very few traffic cameras on the Streets so it’s pretty much a free for all in terms of driving as fast & as mad as you can in the side streets. Unlike the UK where you can’t fart without CCTV noticing in I noticed that the streets in San Diegio & Hollywood have no real traffic cameras to keep the crazy drivers in line .

I swear it’s one of the worse places I have been for crazy car drivers beating the UAE & Malta for the madness of the drivers hands down.
I also managed to spend some time in Santa Monica, Venice Beach & Marina Del Ray all of which are gorgeous places to visit when the sun is out . The Santa Monica Pier is lovely with the old fashioned Ferris Wheel that you can see for miles and the beaches are to die for ,they go on forever and you can even see the Malibu cliffs from the pier

Another one of my favourite places was Farmers market and the attached shopping area is gorgeous .Yet again loads and loads of places to satisfy your taste buds but I wasn’t interested in the food . I spent loads of time here shopping for stuff I can’t get in the UK .

I also spent the afternoon in Beverly Hills strolling along Rodeo Drive .
I didn’t buy anything ( way to expensive ) but I got a scrumptious piece of chocolate caramel mouse cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory . We need to have the Cheesecake Factory in the UK they are awesome .

They must have about 30 different types of cheesecakes to choose from you are literally spoilt for choice from these scrummy cheesecakes & they are bloody huge portions as well .


One thing i realised is that there is a complete obsession with food in the USA .
I can totally understand how they have a major obesity problem . You can not walk 5 steps without being surround by food of all sorts .

On my train journey from San Diego to LA . A train ride that took 3 hours ,2 lady’s were sat opposite me and for 3hrs all they spoke about was food .

Seriously 3hrs non stop talking about food , dinning , drinking , bars , recommendations for not only San Diego but also New York & Toronto.
I was starving hungry from listening to them But I do know where all the great restaurants and bars are .

Also what I discovered is that in America you can’t walk or drive anywhere without finding a drive thru restaurant or some kind of food establishment . It’s like the country has been taken over by food . Not Aliens or Donald Trump but bloody food .

There are shopping complexes similar to our British out of town retail parks that are dedicated just to food .Nothing else just food .
Imagine the Mall in Bristol but instead of PC World & B&Q it’s IHOP Jacks & Burger King ,The Cheesecake Factory and a shit load more food outlets .

And Valet parking WTF is that all about
Are people that lazy they can’t park there car . I mean there are plenty of things in the world that are pretty useful to have like the internet & wastapp but Valet Parking .
Paying someone to park your car is just totally crazy . Why I just don’t get it why not park it yourself . One lady I met said that she won’t even visit anywhere that won’t offer Valet Parking .
But despite all these slightly strange things I had a brilliant time



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