Welcome To Miami …


Welcome To Miami as Will Smith rapped

Party in the city where the heat is on
All night, on the beach till the break of dawn ”

After visiting San Diego & LA earlier this year I really wanted to go back the USA and decided that Miami would be a perfect place to visit . Fantastic beaches lots of places to visit like Key West and the Everglades and the possibility of a day trip to the Bahamas.
Miami and it’s famous South Beach & Ocean Rd has been immortalised in loads of films and music videos It’s the perfect locations for a beach & City holiday . I was a big fan of Dexter šŸ˜„ so felt that I knew Miami in a stupid way .and some of my favourite films have been filmed in Miami such as Bad Boys 1 & 2 The Bodyguard , Casino Royal. Miami Vice. ScarFace & Wild Things and of course CSI Miami .

I did sort of wonder why the flights were dirt cheap and that I got such an amazing deal for two weeks in Miami but it was to good an offer to refuse .
I was staying a a fabulous beach front hotel only a few minutes walk from South Beach & the famous Ocean Drive
The weather was perfect (šŸ˜‚) mid thirties every day ,all day . The beach was perfect and the sea was lovely & warm & very calm .

I always do a big bus tour whenever I visit somewhere as it means I can get out and see all the main attractions with ease . I took the bus tour that took me all along Collins Ave and over to Bayside Market & Bicknell and also saw Little Havana and Coconut Grove . I went shopping at Aventura Mall which is a shoppers paradise .
I did the Thriller Boat Ride which was fast wet & furious and took you all over the bay and along South Beach Indian Creek, Fisher Island & Star Island where you managed to get a view of the 100 million dollar home owned by the Dr that created Viagra .Along with other beautiful mansions owned by famous stars like Sylvester Stallone Will Smith & Julia Roberts .
I went clubbing on Washington Rd to Twist, Story & Dreams and had dinner at the famous Mangos on Ocean Drive where I watched some amazing Latin dancers .

I cried & laughed in horror at the $12 for a Corona & $25 for a cocktail . I was never going to to get drunk at these prices .
I managed to get some shopping done on Lincoln Rd where you had numerous shops bars and restaurants to choose from every night .
Everything was going great . I was planning my day trip to the Everglades and Key West and & was hoping to get the opportunity to do a day trip to the Bahamas but then a little problem hit.

Well actually it was quite a big problem, one by the name of Irma

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