Bloody tree climbing goats

Well I’m off on holiday shortly to Morrocco
I have never been there before but I am spending a few days in Marrakesh then doing a weeks hiking holiday and then a few days in Agadir on the beach

I can’t wait , I was getting really excited about going until my friend asked me why was I going to the Atlas Mountains to hike when it’s full of Goats.

Now everyone probably has a phobia , you know something that your scared of like spiders or snakes or bees or flying or maybe your scared of the dark or thunder and lightning
None of that bothers me.
Put me with a few spiders and I’m fine same for most creepy creatures. I have no problems flying and not scared of the dark . And I’m not scared of snakes or anything slimy .

But my biggest totally irrational fear is Goats and then a close second would be cows .
I have no idea why but I am petrified about Goats and cows.

And guess what in the Atlas mountains where I’m buggering off to go hiking is full of bloody Goats and no ordinary goats but goats that actually climb trees .The fuckers so not only do I have to avoid them around me while I’m walking I have to make sure none of the fuckers fall on my head either

Have you ever seen or heard of a goat climbing trees . I haven’t and I seriously thinking my hiking holiday is not going to be as fun as I thought it would be
They climb up the Argan tree in search of the fruit which they love to eat

But being goats they eat the whole fruit including the nut which they can’t digest .

So the Argan nuts pass through the digestive system of the goat whole. Once they are pooh then out , local people gather them from the goat’s droppings and crack them open to expose the seeds inside.

And these Argan nuts contain anywhere from one to three oil-rich kernels. These kernels are then roasted, ground, mashed or cold-pressed to produce argan oil, one of the most highly sought after culinary and cosmetic liquids in the world.

So that lovely expensive Argan shampoo
Or face cream and oil had probably been poohed out a Goats bum
No wonder it’s so bloody expensive

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