bank Holiday weekend & holidays

Well as usual the bank holiday weekend in Bristol has been a total washout rain thunder and lightning. So pretty typical for a Bank holiday weekend . Fri & Saturday have been rubbish weather wise .
I had lots of things planned including a trip to the roof top pool at the Bath Spa which has all gone tits up now thanks to the crap weather
On Sunday morning I woke up to horrendous rain and thunder storms
But suddenly the sun has woken up and now on Sunday afternoon it’s bloody boiling and I’m in leggings and jumper and sweating like a bitch . Nothing like typical British weather now is there

But at least it wasn’t bad weather last weekend when it was the Royal Wedding .The weather was absolutely perfect for a wedding .

I have to admit I watched the royal wedding and had a tear or two in my eye while telling my friends it was the onions I had chopped up earlier
I thought it was lovely. For once it seemed like a real wedding with real people who were enjoying themselves and not a stuffy one full of rules and royal protocol .
I absolutely loved the preacher and watching the Royals face as he spoke was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.
They really did not know what to make of the guy .

It’s also that time of the year when i need a holiday .
I went to Mexico in February which was brilliant , lots of tequila and late nights out in the clubs in Cancun and three weeks of perfect sunshine .
I managed to avoid the snow in the U.K and enjoy the sunshine and I left just as spring break started and I was bloody glad that I left as it was starting to get a bit to crazy – even for me .

This time though I’m going somewhere totally different
This time I’m off to Morocco on a hiking holiday in the Atlas Mountains .
I’m spending 2 nights in Marrakesh then a weeks hiking in the mountains and then a 5 nights in Agadir on the beach and I can’t wait . I have to get the coach from Marrakesh to Agadir so that should be a interesting drive apparently they drive like lunatics
I have never been to Morocco let alone gone hiking so i will either love it or hate it .

But of course in true hooker fashion as I’m
flying from Gatwick I’m going to do work for two days before I fly . It will be my first time at Gatwick as I rarely venture past Heathrow . The thought of getting on the M25 that well known circle of hell scares the life out of me .

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