Im officially as thick as shit ?

After having the nightmare of being stuck in a hotel with no hardly no signal recently I decided after speaking to my friends to invest in a phone that had wifi calling .
For those of you that has no idea what WIFI calling is it’s the ability to accept and make calls using wifi when you have a crap signal . So very useful if your in a hotel and the signal is rubbish

I was always iPhone lover . had iPhones for work for years . Absolutely loved them for ease of working Unlike wheh you got a new phone and spent days working out how to work it iPhones were always the same – idiot proof .
You could store unlimited numbers and if you lost the phone well you just got another phone and bingo you got all your contacts numbers back.

However I wanted to be able to block withheld numbers and I also wanted to get the app auto text none of which you can get on a iPhone /Apple
So I took the plunge last year and switched to a Samsung J3
Bloody brilliant I could get the auto text app which makes life much easier for work and I could block withheld numbers

However recently I wanted Wifi calling and my phone didn’t support that so I bought another Samsung Phone that did support it .

I was a bit dubious about the Samsung App that allows you to transfer everything including text messages .
Ladies If your anything like me i rarely delete my messages because it’s so useful to keep them as you can tell how many times someone has called and what messages they have left you . So my phones had bloody thousands of messages that I really didn’t want to lose

But the app lived up to its name and transferred over my zillion of contacts and my messages within mins . Sometimes technology is a wonderful thing.

However being me and being as thick as shit on some days ( it must be the nice weather). When clicking on block witheld numbers I also clicked on block all calls unless a contact.
How I did this I don’t know . Like i said the sun ha s made me very stupid .

Unfortunately yesterday I had a booking that had confirmed and called to confirm that he was near but I asked him to give me five mins as he was early but then he didn’t call back and just seemed to disappear into cyber space as guys do sometimes .

I didn’t think anything of it but yesterday my phone was dead & I mean dead like it had been cut off .
I naturally assumed it was the football , the nice weather but I checked my website and AW profile but nope they were still up and running .

It wasn’t until I was at home several hours later and I was checking my phone that I realised what I had done.
I had not only blocked witheld numbers but I had also managed to block any numbers that wasn’t in my contact lists so no one unless they were in my contacts could get through to me . duh I think I’m a gold winner in stupidness sometimes

But ladies despite my stupidity yesterday I highly recommend a Samsung J3 as a work phone . Just dont do what I did and block all numbers

And if you were the gentleman that booked me yesterday please call back.

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