Morrocco a bruised bum and Dyson fans

So who is enjoying this hot weather . Not me
It’s hotter in the uk than it was in Morrocco recently .
My holiday in Morrocco was interesting to say the least. On my very first day in Marrakech I slipped over fell flat on my ass and really bruised my coccyx.
Jesus Christ have you ever done that? . It hurts like someone has stuck a poker up your ass .
I’m still hurting over a month later.
On my hiking camp I couldn’t do anything physical as getting up down and leaning forward really really hurt my ass .
Doing the hikes and walks were just about bearable but anything more strenuous and I was in agony .
The coach trip to Agadir was horrible mainly because it was 3.5 hours of sitting on my ass and trying to get the most comfortable position and failing miserably.
But Agadir itself was lovely my hotel was brand new and right on beach and the promenade.

I don’t mind the hot weather when I’m on holiday and doing nothing but when I’m at home or working I bloody hate it .
In the UK we are not geared up for the hot weather at all .
So to save me from dying in this heat I’ve invested in two yes two bloody Dyson fans .
I’ve bought the bigger one for my flat in Bristol and a smaller desk top one for when I’m touring .
So hopefully they will keep me nice and cool in this heatwave
They bloody better keep me cool at the price I’m paying for them . I could probably go on holiday for the price of these two fans. So they had bloody better work . I will report back later on if they are any good or if I have just wasted my mone

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