The World Cup and GarethSouthgatewould

So how many of us Escorts have been planning out tours or work around the bloody World Cup.

I know that I have and so have my friends . Trying to avoid working when England has been playing

I can compete against most things but not football and definitely not the World Cup. I had to ring my friend to find out when the matches are on and when they might be playing again as I really don’t understand it at all .

What I know about football could be written on one of my fake nails and there would still be room for some nice fancy nail art .
I don’t understand the off side rule
I definitely don’t understand the penalty kick off – I mean what If no side wins .
Do they just carry on playing till they fall over .
But I have to admit ( like quite a few other ladies ) having a bit of a girl crush on Gareth Southgate . I had never heard of him before watching the World Cup although in the deep recess of my memory I can remember him when he played in I think 1996 and England lost at penalties

He is so not my type, but there is something about that damm waistcoat he wears and how calm, yet strong he appears to be and how nice he is to everyone that brings out the ….. in me and plenty of others by all accounts .
No one seems to have a bad word to say about him and in the media and football that’s not easy to achieve

If you haven’t yet seen it and want to feel good and have a good laugh follow the hashtag GarethSouthgateWould on twitter .

It’s had me in fits of hysterics reading all the tweets about this thoroughly nice man and what people reckon he would do from not leaving the toilet lid up and pissing on the floor to taking your bins out on bin day while your on holiday and leaving you that last chocolate rollo
the hashtag garethsouthgatewould has been full of really nice funny tweets . If this man doesn’t get a knighthood at some point I would be very surprised .
Football is often seen as such a thuggish game often with violence and racial hatred but Gareth Southgate and the England team seem to have brought the better elements of the game to everyone at the World Cup

Generally the news and twitter is full of such rubbish and miserable stuff that I can’t be bothered to read it
But Gareth Southgate seems to have caught the heart of the nation and while I still can’t understand the game I shall on Saturday be at the pub watching the game

Hopefully England’s Coming Home

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