Let me lick you up and down.

I’ve probably mentioned this before a few times ( ok probably a hundred times ) but i dislike this hot weather .
I don’t mind it when I’m on holiday and I don’t have anything more strenuous to do other than ordering my next drink or sunbathing on the beach but in the uk it’s horrible . The UK is not geared up for this relentless hot weather

Every where is bloody hot & sticky . Very few places have aircon as standard
So there isn’t any break from it .
I was actually hanging out in Iceland the other day to keep cool .

So to combat the heatwave I’ve added a new service to enjoy in this hot weather .

How long it will last will depend on this bloody heatwave.
I’ve decide to temporarily add a VIP shower service to go alongside my usual GFE service .
So to start with I get you nice and soapy in the shower .I will gently scrub you up and down & all over ensuring that your nice & clean before having some fun with you in the shower .
Then I will take you into the bedroom to begin my sexy erotic GFE service as usual
So if this hot weather is annoying you and you need to call down why not have a look at my new GFE & VIP service .

Prices for my GFE & VIP

30 mins £100
1hr £150

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