Now I Can Cook

I hate cooking . I have beautiful kitchen with a wine cooler full of Diet  coke and orange juice as I rarely drink that much .A integrated bloody hob & oven that’s smarter than me that I still can’t use properly because it’s one of those touch ones that have a hissy fit if you press it to hard.
 But I like food I’m just not very good at using actually cooking. In my kitchen I have my smoke alarm and my burglar alarms are
linked to one of those companies that ring you if it either goes off . 
When  I first got my kitchen and started to cook  I got told off because due to my very bad cooking my smoke alarm was going off most days . 

While on holiday recently I got chatting to this American gent and we somehow got chatting about food and I mentioned how rubbish  I was at cooking . 
“My dear you need an air dryer “he said in his lovely Texas drawl  “ A hairdryer I thought I heard – has this guy been on to much tequilla or sun. Or is he just commenting about my hair which was looking more and more like scary spices hair as my holiday went on 

     Nope it was definitely a air fryer as I quickly googled it . So being a crap cook and an impulsive shopper I ordered one to be delivered for when I got home 
I also ordered a omelette maker because I love omelettes but have never been able to cook one properly 
It was probably the first time on a holiday I was actually looking forward to getting home to try out my new gadgets . 
Guys these two gadgets are amazing for those of us that dislike cooking
If you want a fluffy perfectly made omelette with no mess or dirty pans then an omelette maker is the way to go . 
It not only makes perfect omelette it’s idiot proof – I know this because I can use it easily . 

The air fryer can pretty much do everything a conventional oven can do except you just put the food in switch on the timer and when it beeps it’s done 
Now I know I can do this in my own oven  if I ever figure out how it works. B But the air fryer like the omelette maker is pretty much idiot proof and so easy to use . So far I’ve cooked chicken,  steak , even fishfingers
The only food that didn’t come out perfect was jacket potatoes which was strange but everything else has been cooked perfectly. 
I even take my omelette maker on tour with me – I begrudge paying £16 for a crap  hotel breakfast so now I can make myself lovely fluffy omelettes  and they don’t set off the smoke alarms either 

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