2 weeks in Sin City

I’ve just spent 2 weeks in Las Vegas
Seeing as I rarely drink, don’t smoke or gamble I did think WTF am I doing but I had a great time .
When you think of Vegas you think
Gambling and the desert and probably not much else .
If nothing else it’s crazy city from dusk till dawn .
I stayed right on the strip and I don’t think I had a decent nights sleep the whole trip
The hotels were amazing from the New York New York hotel that has a replica Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building and is set up to be like New York City, The Venetian with all the beautiful canals and gondolas to my personal favourite the Paris hotel where you could sunbath underneath the replica of the Eiffel Tower they were totally amazing :
The Bellagio and it’s dancing fountains were lovely to watch
What I did find crazy was that people would be gambling at 6am in the morning as I went to the gym
One lady was there when came in a midnight and still in the same spot 6 hrs later

But Vegas is more than just crazy designed hotels and gambling
I visited the Hoover Dam and took the tour of the Dam 560 feet below ground and took some amazing photos as I walked over the Bridge

I also visited the Grand Canyon West and South Rim
Grand Canyon West apparently is really the Grand Canyon it’s a National Park on the edge of the Canyon and it has a very scary glass skywalk
Grand Canyon South is the real Grand Canyon and a 4 hour long trip on way but there was no way I was going to Vegas and not visiting the Grand Canyon
I really wanted to see where Thelma & Louise drove over the edge of Canyon before being told it wasn’t actually filmed in the Grand Canyon it was filmed in Utah .

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