Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby in Vegas
In Vegas there are always lots of famous artist playing in clubs hotels and often at the hotels funky designed pools.
So while I was in Vegas I managed to see ( please don’t laugh) Vanilla Ice . It was a freebie concert as long as you got to the pool early .
I thought it was going to be crap I mean he’s a relic of the early 90s but he was surprisingly entertaining and the pool area was packed to the limits and the crowed absolutely loved him .
I also managed to see the rapper Nelly who has a resident spot at the hip roof top club Drais . Going there I felt like I was in a scene from the tv series Power . Midnight on a roof top club complete with swimming pool you can use overlooking the Las Vegas strip .

But my favourite seeing the comedian Trevor Noah, he was as the Americans say Awesome.
I was gutted that I missed Celine Dion she had just finished her stint in Vegas as I arrived but my heart will go on .

And having seen Calvin Harris when he first started out as a DJ years ago in Bristol I wasn’t going to miss the chance to see him while I was in Vegas .

I’ve just spent 2 weeks in Las Vegas
Seeing as I rarely drink, don’t smoke or gamble I did think WTF am I doing but I had a really great time .
When you think of Vegas you think
Gambling and the desert and probably not much else .All I knew about Las Vegas was from the film Bugsy and Oceans 11
If nothing else it’s crazy city from dusk till dawn . It’s loud brash and non stop madness
I came in one night at midnight and noticed this man dressed as Elvis sat on disability scooter at the slot machines
When I got up to go to the gym at 8am he was still there .

I’ve said it before Americans are obsessed with food. But more so the size of it . I don’t think they have ever heard of portion control .

I went to the famous Heart Attack Grill in Fremont St
It reminded me of some sort of lunatic asylum
First you have a huge weighing scale outside which you can stand on and weigh yourself and actually see your weight up on the wall
If you weigh in over 350lbs you can eat for free .
If your brave enough to enter you need to put on one of those nasty backless hospital gowns – I am not joking
If you a wine drinker then be prepared for your bottle of wine in an actual IV Drip by waitress dressed as nurses
And while your eating your 10,000 triple bypass burger with 15 slices of bacon people are outside looking at you and probably thinking WTF and if you don’t eat it then prepared to be told to take your punishment and bend over and get your ass paddled .
It’s not called The Heart Attack Grill for nothing as several people have died when at the restaurant .
But along with the crazy restaurants and themed hotels to make you feel like your in wandering around in New York, Paris, Venice and Egypt
My favourite hotel was the Paris Hotel where I sunbathed under a replica of the Eiffel Tower

But while I was in Vegas I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful and amazing Grand Canyon and the famous Hoover Dam and Colorado river & Route 66
I was lucky and managed to visit both the South Rim and the West Rim of the Grand Canyon
I also managed to visit the Hoover Dam and took the tour of the Dam 560 feet below ground and took some amazing photos as I walked over the Bridge that spans the Dam

I really wanted to see where Thelma & Louise drove over the edge of Canyon as well before being told it wasn’t actually filmed in the Grand Canyon it was filmed in Utah . Duh … all these years I thought it was the Grand Canyon and I’m probably not the only one .

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