RIP my favourite lace top stockings are no longer . They have been designated to the stocking cemetery in the sky.
Ok not quite that dramatic but bloody Marks & Spencer’s have stopped selling my favourite favourite lace top stockings .
They were the absolute best stockings to wear for work pretty much 100 percent hooker proof .
It didn’t matter what clients did to them how rough their hands were on my legs these stockings stood their ground .
Watches sharp nails and rough hands could not ruin them, these lovely stockings were the best
They were also excellent for extending my underbed restraints and using in Tie & Tease sessions
Most of my friends used these stockings. They got rave reviews on websites and M&S decided to stop selling them .
Now I have to try and find some new stockings that are just as good .
So i need ones that don’t run and ladder at the slightest touch
A friend recommended Anne Summers lace top stockings so I’m going to give them a whirl
And another friend recommended love honey stockings and Anne Summers so I’ve ordered a few from them as well . Then I have to test them to see how they stand up to being used and abused each day .

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