Weekend in London

I Spent the bank holiday weekend in London .
The weather was perfect i really felt like I was on holiday . I stayed at a lovely hotel right by the Tower of London and in true hooker style I had to check out if it was suitable to work from ( it is )
So while I was in london
I managed to book a photo shoot with the lovely Alan Thomas of @Glamourlondon.co.uk
Ladies he really is a saint . I am the worlds worse person when it comes to getting my photos taken . I can never relax enough , never know if Alan means my right or his right so I’m forever posing the wrong way .
When he says twist instead of twisting I fully move my whole body . It’s like a really bad game of Twister except I’m in thigh high boots and a catsuit
I am just crap at taking directions and understanding what they mean . Which is probably why I could never do ballet or dancing classes as a kid
But Alan has the patience of several saints and even on London’s hottest day he managed to take some amazing picture but that’s no thanks to me . So if you need a photographer who not only is very patient but also excellent with the camera look no further .

So while in London I did all the tourist stuff with my friends . I did the big red bus tour so I saw everything from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London .The bus tours are a brilliant way of seeing everything in London without getting lost .

I went on the London Eye and went to the the top of the Shard . I also took a boat cruise from Westminster Pier to Greenwich which in the hot sunshine was amazing . The knowledge of London the tour guides have is pretty impressive .
My favourite bit of London though Is the Tower Of London so much history right in front of you .
And St KatherineS Docks is lovely lord of bars and restaurants overlooking the marina .

On the Sunday night I did relive my very wild youth and went to The Ministry Of Sound where Trever Nelson was playing the best of Hip Hop & RNB which is my kind of music and I rolled in around 5am and only then because my feet were killing me .
However there is a downside to trying to party like your in your twenties when your not in your twenties the next few days I felt like shit with a sore throat a sniffly nose and a never ending hangover and my feet were killing me .
So my night out clubbing pretty much cost me a week off work . Very expensive night out but worth it

One of my lovely new photos

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