Queen Of The South

How many hours and days of my life have I lost to bloody Netflix and binge watching series . I know I’m not the only one .
I’ve lost days and often weeks of my life watching Kevin Bacon in The Following and lots of days and evenings devoted to Luther and Line of Duty Dexter Power and 24 over the years . I’ve even cancelled tours because I know that the Wi-fi in the hotel is crap so I won’t be able to carry on watching stuff .
But my latest binge has been Queen Of The South . I had read the book many years ago and it was always a favourite of mine that I would take on holiday with me to re read
So although I’m not a massive tv person I do like to binge now and then on box sets and series .
So a few weeks ago I was on tour and I was really busy with work until I started to watch Queen of The South . 
That was it my last two days were sadly lacking in my effort to work .
And yes I know I can pause and restart stuff but I don’t like to do that
So In less than two days I managed to binge on 3 seasons and 36 episodes while working a little bit in between and staying up way past my bedtime . 
Now the American version for Netflix is not the same as the Latin American series Reina Del Sur that I watched with subtitles when on holiday in Mexico it’s much easier to follow and although Queen of The South strays an awful lot from the actual book it’s very entertaining to watch .

Usually if I have read a book then I hate watching a film or series based on the book as it’s normally rubbish. But although Queen of the South loosely follows the book and the settings are different it’s storyline is somewhat similar
A big plus for me is that there are not hundreds of characters which makes it easy to follow for someone like me who is sadly lacking in the power of concentration .

I’m gutted that now having binged on all three seasons despite my best efforts I can’t watch season 4 and 5 so if anyone has any tips on how I can watch seasons 4 & 5 of Queen Of The South please let me know
I need to know what happens to Camilla
However as I’ve finished it I better get my ass back to work

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