Balloons and traffic jams



Its that time of the year that I love image .

Summer time, and what a strange summer it’s been .
It’s been gorgeous & sunny some days and pissing it down with rain the next .

I took advantage of staying at home when the weather was really hot and visting some local tourist attractions.
I went to Wookey Hole, Bristol Zoo & Cheddar Gorge . I also spent a few days at Weston Super Mare and Portishead & Clevedon for the local pubs . The new Weatherspoons in W-S-M is really nice with the biggest beer garden I have ever seen and it’s right on the Sea Front as well , defiantly a place to spend a sunny afternoon

It’s funny when you live in a city you rarely do all the tourist stuff so it’s been nice
I had several tours planned for this month but decided to scrap them all and work from my apartment in Bristol instead.

This weekend though I am going to Birmingham. I was going to stay in Bristol but the Ballon Festival starts this weekend which means traffic in Bristol is going to be a bitch
And as my flat is right in the centre of Bristol, getting there for anyone is going to be bloody hard so ive decided to spend the weekend away in Birmingham instead.

Im hoping that the sunny and clear weather holds out for the rest of the week for the Ballon festival . Fingers crossed
I do love the Ballon Festival though although my dogs don’t , they see the Ballons which normally go right over my house and start freaking out, in fact all the local dogs do the same , I guess they don’t like Balloons.

The only thing I hate about the Ballon Festival is the traffic , Bristol literally comes to a complete standstill from Thursday afternoon till Sunday evening .

If you happen to be driving on one of the main roads in South Bristol forget it , it’s walking or being prepared to spend hours in the car to go 1 mile .

If you live in the South Bristol area then you have learned over the years to park your car up on Wednesday night and don’t move it till Monday morning otherwise you will never get a parking space near your house . In fact you probably won’t even be able to get to your house . People park like cunts across your driveway , even on your driveway . And will have the nerve to get pissed of at you if you ask them to move from your driveway .
And If you live near the football ground in Ashton , just don’t leave your house , in previous years its normally the first match of the season for Bristol City along with the Ballon festival as well . If it’s anything like previous years when this happened,  just forget that you even have a car for this weekend .

There is upwards of  100,000 people all trying to get to the same location along the same bloody roads which means South Bristol is just one big car park this weekend .






A day trip to LA



Hollywood Walk of Fame

image image image

Now this really was a crazy spur of the moment kind of day .

Saturday after several days in Tijuana catching up with friends .I decided that I would go back to San Diego for my last day and do some last minute shopping and and take the train to ocean beach
So at 5am I checked the border crossing times 15 mins was the official time so I figured more like 30-45 mins so I grabbed a taxi to the border and over I went and got on the tram to San Diego and then booked a return ticket to Ocean beach

However I realised that the train was going straight to LA and as it was my last day I thought fuck it and decided to buy another ticket and go all the way to LA

When I arrived at Union Station everything a bit surreal because it seemed familiar from all the films.

Sadly I only had a few hours here and wanted to make the most of it .I decided to go to Hollywood & Vine and do the Hollywood walk of fame. But when I arrived I was accosted by the usual ticket touts who sold me a really entertaining 3 hour open top truck tour around all the major sites of Hollywood
The guide was brilliant very knowledgable and funny quizzing us on our knowledge on Hollywood .
So what did i get to see . I saw the famous Hollywood sign we drove past Gwen Stefani’s estate along with the house the Michael Jackson was renting when he died .
Footballer Vinny Jones and Quentin Tarantino’s home was also on the list of amazing houses that I had a peek at

When we were asked what did we think of everything I piped up “Poor” .

I also saw the shop on Rodeo Drive where one of my favourite actresses  Julia Robert famously tells the sales assistant ‘Big Mistake’ for refusing to serve her the previous day because she wasn’t posh enough , along with the Viper Lounge where River Phoenix died

It really was an entertaining few hours and I was able to see all the main points of Hollywood . It’s somewhere that i will definitely return to , maybe next year and do it all properly and not in such a rush .



image image

Killer whales & battleships

Today I went to SeaWorld @San Diego and had a great time I went on a few rides forgetting that I had my fit flops on so had to bloody hold them in my hands otherwise they were going to have a trip all of their own

I watched the Dolphin Show and had lunch @Shamus patio while the killers whales entertained everyone .

a 9500lbs killer whale



The next day was a lazy day I spent the morning shopping and wandering around all the shops at Seaport Village which is absolutely lovely and right at the back of my hotel Seaport Village is is village of shops all designed by Disney so very quaint and cute  and restaurants and cafes all along the San Diego waterfront

This afternoon I spent a pleasant few hours at the SS Midway in San Diego . The SS Midway was an aircraft carrier of the USA and it was comissioned a week after the Second World War

It  was the largest ship in the world until 1955 .Operating for 47 years it became a museum ship in San Diego harbour ( can you tell I did the tour and I listened )








Jet lag is a bitch

Sunday afternoon was spent at the Altitude lounge on top of the Marriott hotel in the
Gaslamp . It’s has an amazing view of down down San Diego and Petco Park where the baseballs games are held and the Mojitos are pretty tasty as well .

Jet lag though has been a bitch with a 8 hour time difference I have been falling asleep at 4pm after a day out and setting my alarm clock for 8pm so that I can go out in the evening and sleeping right through till 2am
Tonight though I’m going to drink loads of red bull , Im determined to shake off this bloody jet lag so that I can get out at night

First time to the USA


I haven’t blogged for several months bad back and a severe case of ongoing sciatica has in many ways restricted my work a fair amount but I have manged to finally come the other side of it and feel  a lot better

So im very sorry that I wasn’t available in Bristol the past few weeks for those of you that asked to pay me a visit  that asked I should have been at home all this week and next week in Bristol .
However I got the opportunity to go to San Diego & Mexico for a few weeks and as the States is the one place I have never ever been to,I thought it was to good of an offer to turn down .
I was very lucky to stay at the fabulous Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel which is an amazing luxury waterfront hotel right on the marina and next to Seaport Village . I had  an amazing view from my room as the hotel is over 40 floors high .
The weather is perfect hitting over 80 degrees every day so far and I have been having a ball .

Ive done all the really naff tourist stuff including the hop on , hop off trolly tours for Coronado Island and Old town SanDiego which I really enjoyed
The drivers are really knowledgable and know loads of interesting local stories which is fun.


Gorgeous view of down town San Diego from my bedroom

I also did the Sea lion Trolly which is is a trolly bus that actually a amphibian boat so we were taken all along the San Diego coast line to Point Loma & the naval base where there are a bunch of crazy noisy California Sea Lions sunbathing on the bait traps and having fun

A wild California Sea Lion Enjoying the sunshine


But one of the highlights was going to La Jolla known as the Jewel in San Diego where they have hundreds of wild California Sea lions just sunbathing and swimming on the beach .

These crazy creatures are not scared of humans and you can get within inches of them for some brilliant photos

I spent a day at Mission Beach where I hired a push bike and rode it all along the boardwalk to Pacific Beach I didn’t fall off but I haven’t rode a bike for years so it waste really fun to do .

A bad back, Sons Of Anarchy and Homeland

it’s been a long hard six weeks, not being able to do much apart from watch TV aches and pains all over and the weirdest strangest most vivid dreams compliments of Amatrypline tablets

Having had to spend several weeks not being able to move and being bloody bored I thought that I would get Net Flix to watch some films. I figured I would take advantage of the free trial and then cancel it at the end .

Having never been a massive Tv person much preferring to read a good book to films and tv shows, I have been surprised at how hooked I have become on it .
I have a few thousand books in my house and I have loads on my IPad.
So I was just about the last person that I thought would become hooked on Netflixs & Amazon prime.

So I started of watching Sons of Anarchy on my iPad . Which was ok but I don’t really like watching stuff on such a small screen .
Then I decided to pug my iPad into my to so I could watch it on my big tv but got fed up of having to charge my iPad up all the time.

Wondering how I could watch it without having to keep charging up my iPad I discovered the Amazon Fire Stick and that was it for me . Hooked within minutes .

Once that little stick got plugged that little stick into my tv and I got set it up I have to admit I found a new addiction .
In just over two weeks I managed to work my way through over 90 episodes of Sons of Anarchy
That’s I think seven seasons and seven years worth of tv in one fell swoop, admittedly I couldn’t do much else this last 6 weeks but I was still impressed with myself and my dedication to SOA
Ive never been much of a biker chick but I make the exception for the rather hunky Jax from SOA and his often crazy friends . I was even more surprised to find out that he is English and I think from Newcastle as he was pretty convincing as an American biker . I loved the plots the scenery, the gruesome murders and I loved watching the Irish episodes.
I was hooked from the beginning and even cried at the end but I’m blaming it on all the tablets I’m on .

Then it was on to Homeland and I’m presently working my way through Homeland series

In between I have managed to watch quite a bit of Orange is The New Black and quite a lot of other films .
I’ve hooked myself up to Amazon prime so have even more bloody choice to watch .

If the last month has been anything to go by anyone trying to ring to make an appointment in the future might get told sorry I’m just watching Homeland or Son of Anarchy can you call back later please .

Finally back to work …

So I am back to work tomorrow on monday  although for a few weeks I’m limiting myself to only 2 -3 days a week but luckily most of my job is laying down ? so I won’t be out of action

Finally my doctor got my medication right and I’m feeling loads better and much more mobile . I hate taking tablets so I am struggling with that as I still have to take loads of pain killers but I way better than I was three weeks ago when I couldn’t move or even sit up .

feeling a lot better I decided to treat myself and spent the day at the Bristol Clifton Lido which is fantastic .I’ve lived in Bristol all my bloody life and didn’t know it existed. Its a little hidden gem in the back streets of Clifton .It’s a lovely open air lido complete with a fabulous spa, restaurant and bar and I spent the whole day there relaxing and swimming and using the Jacuzzi and just chilling out .

I had two amazing massages , one a full body scrub & massage and a hot stones oil massage which was fabulous . The pool while it was heated to around 24 degrees was still bloody cold but after a few lengths I soon warmed up and it was really nice to swim in the fresh air and use the steam room and sauna and to feel human once again .and not all stiff and tired .

It was a much needed relaxing day after the last few weeks that I have had of not being able to walk at all and it I think it made a massive difference to how I feel .

I think it going to be somewhere that I regularly go maybe once a month to treat myself to massages and just to relax and chill out .

Amazing Body


The human body is an amazing thing . I’ve always thought that .You know when you cut yourself and the skin heels back over very quickly as good as new . And despite all the bad things that we do to our body in its lifetime, it’s a pretty resilient & forgiving machine really .

Most of us abuse it in one way or another be it from drinking & smoking to much, taking drugs not eating healthy food or being obese or underweight . But generally the body copes with it all & adapts with everything we throw at it .

I rarely get ill , the odd cold or sore throat maybe once or twice a year but that’s about it for me. When I do need to take any sort of tablets for aches & pains I don’t like it and try not to , because I think it often just masks the pain and you don’t know if you’re actually getting better or not so I tend to avoid most tablets & medicines and let nature & my body deal with it .

However It’s truly amazing how you can go from being healthy and fit and having zero health problems ,having a great holiday in the sunshine with friends. Shopping drinking at some great bars , watching the rugby and meeting lots of lovely interesting people.

Then going out one evening having lots of naughty fun on the balconywith ,to waking up the next day and feeling totally paralysed down one side of your leg ,not being able to move an inch,and ending up in hospital on a IV morphine drip for 2 days in Dubai .

Well that’s what happened to me on my last day in Dubai this month.

Getting told you can get a fit to fly note and discharged only if you go business class and you have to lay flat down as your not allowed to sit up ( not that I could sit up anyway with howling in pain )

All In the space of less than 12 hours I went from feeling 100 percent healthy and fine to a slight annoying cramp in my leg to being rushed to hospital in an ambulance .

So two weeks later , I am feeling slightly better, not much but compared to how I was in Dubai I’m practically ready to beat Mo Farrah in an Olympic Sprint – ok not quite like that as I’m pretty much non weight bearing on one leg and have been using bloody wheelchair.

Now my sense of feeling better might be due to the amount of bloody drugs I am taking. I have a really lovely assortment from Tramadol , Co-Codamaol Dicloflex Amitriptyline and Diazepam. Yep they threw the whole book at me. I only need some morphine and ive got a full house. And im the sort of person who wont even take a bloody aspirin.

My doctor was so worried about the severity of the attact of sciatica and that it came from nowhere along with the fact that I don’t have a history of it either, she rushed me through to have an MRI scan
earlier last week as I was still in constant pain and was still practically wheelchair and bed bound .

But Luckily or maybe unluckily it’s not majorly serious ( although with the pain I have been in I would bloody hate to be in serious condition ).
But I do have a torn disc and bulging discs on my spine ( whatever that means ) and that the hole that the sciatic nerve passes through is extremely smaller than normal which is why I’m in such constant pain as its moving through a very small tight hole

But the good news is that hopefully lots of rest ( along with the happy pills). I now feel slightly better and a little bit more mobile as well for the first time in almost 2 weeks .

But for all my healthy living ,non smoking , not a massive drinker , bootcamps and running & boxing it hasn’t done me any bloody good .I might as well
Smoke, drink , and eat cream cakes all day long I might be in better health

If only I could shit or piss on demand …

Some of the things you get asked to do in this job range from the mild to the downright bizarre

I’m pretty open minded and like to think I am up for most things but I just had to post this lovely email that I got from someone when I was in Dubai

If I could shit or piss on demand I would have made a small fortune. Next Im going to shove a Mars bar up my ass and say yes

And if anyone knows what the toilet dance is please let me know I’m still scratching my head two weeks later

Bristol escort

Bristol escort

Like shitting a baby out of my thigh ….

Bristol Ebony Escort Bristol Escort

Well what a bloody trip this was
Everything was going brilliantly , I was having a great time , had my good friend Dita with me to hang out with and have fun with in Dubai as we were in the same hotel.
We had ventured out on ladies nights to the clubs & bars and was having a great time
Lots of work with lots of lovely clients and I did a fabulous fun filled three day booking with a lovely gent from the UK where we did the Burj Kaliffa & a desert safari so everything was going great .

On my last week I was called by a gent that I see in the UK asking me to do an outcall to his hotel so I agreed and we had a great time

Well I’m not sure if it was the shagging on the 14th floor of his balcony or just an unfortunate coincident but we were sat chilling on his balcony in the early hours of the morning and I felt a twinge in my left leg a bit like cramp .

It slowly got worse and when I left to go back to my hotel I was led flat out in my taxi on my way home in agony

I managed to hobble to my room and get undressed and fall asleep thinking it would be gone in the morning

Sadly the next morning I could not move .
Just trying to sit up had me screaming in pain. From my hip down to my toes I was in complete agony .
My whole leg was in a permanent cramp and any movement sent spasms of pain from the hip to toe. I actually thought I had some sort of s stroke.

I couldn’t sit up, I couldn’t even move to my other side , let alone stand up . I had never ever known a pain like it . I would say it’s like shitting a baby out of my thigh .

I managed to call the hotel reception and ask for a doctor who promptly turnt up gave me an injection and said I needed to go to hospital to make sure it wasn’t a blood clot or that I had broken something .

The hotel arranged for an ambulance and because I couldn’t really couldn’t move an inch , they had to move me on to the stretcher using the bed sheet .Thats how bad I was
Once in the hospital I was put on a IV morphine drip ( who said you can’t get drugs in Dubai ) to ease the pain before being

15 hours later , a shit load of morphine numerous X-rays, even more morphine lots of tears of pain and three doctors later they diagnosed a very very severe case of sciatica

They discharged me with a fit to fly note as long as I was able to lie flat as I could not sit upright due to the pain and a bag full of prescribed tablets that you can only get in the hospital as they are on the banned list of drug allowed in Dubai

Now I was panicking I was supposed to be going to Bahrain on the Saturday with my friend and flying home from there but this clearly wasn’t going to happen . I could even stand up without crying in pain, let alone fly and the pain was horrific

Luckily my hotel was a preferred partner hotel to my airline and they were brilliant .
The hotel sorted out the change of my flight, organised a business class seat for me free of charge so that I could lay flat out, a free transfer to the airport and a helper from the minute I arrived at the airport to put me in wheelchair to the minute I got on the plane .

Sadly it was my first and probably last time flying business class,and I didn’t get the chance to take advantage of anything .As soon as the plane took off my seat was put into the bed position and I took a load of my pills and was out for the count till I landed back in the UK

Once I landed it was straight to A&E where I spent the whole day while I was prodded and poked , gave blood & urine samples and has more X-rays and again I was diagnosed as very very severe sciatica

Nothing they can do until I have a MRI scan and see if I have and slipped disc or a displaced pelvis but at the moment im on more pills than a junkie on city Rd in Bristol
I have Tramadol , diazepam, Co- Codamol , Dicloflex and Amitriptyline and good old ibrofuren of course

So Im back at home sleeping most of the day away and trying to relax and not stress to much just sleeping, reading and taking lots of bloody tablets .

I’m very lucky that I have plenty of savings, so a few weeks or even months of work won’t matter. I’m just very glad to be back home.

Bristol escort

Bristol escort

On top of the world – Bristol Ebony Escort

Bristol Ebony Escort

I’ve been very lucky to be spending almost a month in Dubai

This time it was a really lovely trip as the day after I arrived I had a fantastic 3 day booking with a lovely regular client which was lovely.

I rarely do overnights or long extended bookings as I think you really have to click with a person and feel incredibly comfortable to spend such a long time with them, but he is a very interesting and funny guy to spend time with so its real treat for me as well .

We had a great time during the 3 days and I was really spoilt by him for the whole time taking me to amazing Burj Kalifa and a desert safari and visiting the Gold Souks. The view from the Burj kalifa is amazing I thought we would only spend an 30 mins or so there after all a view is just a view but the view at 555 feet is something special We spent close to 2 hours taking amazing pictures and watching the sunset from the top of this incredible building

We also did a really cool desert safari which included Dune bashing and belly dancing . The desert is truly amazing ( and hot And although I don’t smoke I did have a shisha and almost choked to death

We also visited the Gold Souks
Ever seen a solid gold dress. I hadn’t either but they had one in the Gold Souks if you had the money to buy it. It was yours for the taking

From diamond rings to solid gold dresses to fake handbags & glasses you could probably sell or buy your own grandma here

I’m spending close to a month here and having great time and after my lovely gents left me I did feel a bit lost. but I had two lovely girlfriends in Dubai with me at the same time so it’s not to bad

Bristol Ebony Escort. @ 555 feet View From Burj Khalifa

Bristol Ebony Escort

Bristol Ebony Escort

Bristol Ebony Escort

Bristol Ebony Escort Sunset
@ Burj Khalifa


Bristol Ebony Escort All That Sand in Dubai

Lovely new photos from Bristol Ebony Escortv

Bristol Ebony Escort

Bristol Ebony Escort

Bristol Ebony Escort


Bristol Ebony Escort
So I hope you are all enjoying my new photos & videos

I thought that in advance of my trip to Dubai In September I would get some new photos & videos taken

It’s my pet hate having photos taken but it’s a necessary evil I try to do 2 – 3 shoots a year so that I have a recent photos along with my selfies that I have been experimenting with recently

This time I decided that I would arrange 2 separate photo shoots one with my usual lovely photographer that I have worked with many times in Bristol and on the recommendation of a friend london glamour photographer as a joint shared location

So on the day of the shoot was up at the crack of dawn and hit the Rd to london

The location that we picked for the photo shoot was amazing .It reminded me of a 1970s style porn film – or a very glamorous swinging pad. It was a warehouse style loft that from the outside looked like nothing special but inside was absolutely amazing and perfect for photo shoots . it was a real original top notch designer apartment that I loved . The attention to detail from the funky sofas and stairs to the professional punch bag hanging from the rafters this place was totally amazing

I couldn’t wait to get started and loved have a professional make up artist do my make up for me

4 hours later every inch of my body was aching in places that I didn’t think was possible. I felt like I had been on a mini bootcamp .
Stretching , arching my back, sticking out my bum & boobs and trying to relax at the same time while trying to balance on 4 inch heels is bloody hard work .

I felt like it was an adult game of twister the calves in my legs were aching so much I could hardly stand up straight without wanting to fall over and I nearly did several times .

Thankfully the photographer has the patience of a saint and was wonderful with me .
I kept getting the poses he wanted me to do wrong, but to his credit he was brilliant and the make up artist was fantastic always ready to retouch my make up

I honestly think it was the hardest four hours I’ve spent in a long time Even beets my bootcamps I don’t know how professional models do it for a living. My legs and bum were still aching on the train journey home and when I arrived back home I literally just crashed out and slept

But the 4 hours of aching has been worth it as I got some amazing pictures
Some of the images were that good they needed absolutely no retouching at all
So I’m really really chuffed and will defiantly be seeing this photographer again but I think I will do a few yoga classes in advance so that I’m all stretched out

Bristol Ebony Escort

Sent from my iPhone

Sob im £1500 poorer but have some lovely new photos

Bristol Ebony Escort

So I’m close to £1500 poorer after having two fantastic photo shoots this month. Its been an expensive bloody month along with the cost of new photos & lots of new outfits for the photos , traveling to london and the cost of the hotel room in Bristol.

I also did my favourite week long bootcamps as well in both July & August as I’m a glutton for punishment rather than go on holiday as bootcamp are sort of my way of holidaying
strange but true 10 hours a day of hard non stop exercise isn’t everyone’s ideal of fun. But its definitely mine

But it’s defiantly been worth every penny £1500 for two amazing photo shoots one in london with an amazing photographer based in London and one in Bristol at my favourite hotel with my lovely usual photographer.

£1500 seems like a huge amount of money to spend on photos & videos but when I think about it, you easily get the money back from new & old clients coming to visit you so it’s like that old saying you have to spend money to make money and it’s very true.

It also strange that putting up a few new pictures brings back regular clients who have not seen you for a while ,along with lots of lovely new clients as well. So it’s been money well spent

The trouble is there are so many photographers. Everyone with a digital camera no matter how crap is now a photographer and if it’s a Cannon camera that they happen to have then they they are “a professional Photographer” no less

There are so many of these so called professionals it becomes a bit of a minefield trying to find one that you feel comfortable with as its not generally cheap for professional photos so I took recommendations from a good friend who had recently used this particular photographer and we did a joint shoot I wasn’t disappointed .He was brilliant and I had a brilliant day

Having not ever bothered with london photographers in the past I’m quite smitten with the location that I used and the hard work & professionalism of the photographer that I picked so I think from now on I will be planning on using this photographer again next year along with my usual photographer

Strangest thing is that in some countries the guys prefer selfies style photos to professional glamour photos and are always texting to say can they have a real photo ? so maybe I just wasted £1500 xxx

Bristol Ebony Escort

Bristol Ebony escort

Bristol Ebony escort

The Road Was Bloody Long

Bristol Ebony Escort
Well the road was defiantly long
My trip to Newquay was broken up by my car breaking down on the way on the bloody A30
Literally at the halfway point my car ( which had just been serviced and mot and passed with just needing a new run flat tyre) began overheating as I drove towards Newquay

Luckily I’m in the AA so I called them out I decided to sunbath on the A30 while waiting for the AA
So after a hour the AA man arrived and began to fix my car for me he hmmmed and Ahhed and said he wasn’t sure if he could fix it because he could see what was wrong , he could see that there was no water , but couldn’t figure out where it had been leaking from the water bottle was empty and when he filled it up it literally just ran away

I almost cried when he said he might have to take me back to Bristol .Nooooo….. I want to go to Newquay . I was at the half way mark literally at the halfway point between Bristol & Newquay I don’t want to have to go back home . It’s lovely sunny day I want to see the beach and the sea, not Bristol temple meads and the M32

But luckily my AA man is a real man and gets his hands dirty and jacks up the car and gets underneath and figures it out. The thermostat casing ( whatever that is) has a hairline crack and when it gets hot – out flows the water . So he grabbed some sealer and sealed it inside and out and yippie it works ( it’s held for the past two weeks but I am getting it fixed )
He even shows me how to open my bonnet as I don’t know how to open it – its bloody hard and I have long nails

So almost 3 hours later after breaking down I was back on the rd to sunny Newquay and I had a lovely week in both sunny Newquay and rainy Falmouth

Bristol Ebony Escort


Bristol Ebony Escort

The A30, The Road Is Long

Bristol Ebony Escort


Bristol Ebony Escort

Bristol Ebony Escort
I have some lovely tours planned for the next month sadly for me it’s not possible to do this by train so I have to drive and I hate driving but as its long distances and some of the places are s bit remote a road trip it is .

Anyone who’s driven down to Cornwall knows what a bloody long drive it is. Gorgeous scenery but bloody hell it’s just so far. It all looks nice and close on the map couple of miles between the main towns but that’s as the crow flies and not as one drives.

You sort of think you’ve got there as the M5 ends and then it’s the never ending A38 and A30
into Cornwall as the song goes “The road is long could have been written for journeys into Cornwall

This weekend 16-20th I’m plane spotting @Heathrow

Then Friday 24th – 28th I’m heading down to lovely Cornwall for several days – lets hope it’s nice and sunny

Then it’s a nice easy drive to Exeter for a few days We’d 29th – Fri 1st May

For the bank holiday weekend I’m at home in Bristol hopefully it’s nice and sunny so that I can have lots of nice liquid lunches on the waterfront in a Bristol

Tuesday 5th May it’s a bloody long drive to Wrexham for 5th &6th May and 7th -8th May in Sunny Shrewsbury before heading back home

So catch me if you can
Bristol Ebony Escort

Reviews & Running

Reviews are a bit like buses ( or men ) none for ages then along come 4 in one week

Not that I’m complaining of course, it’s always nice to receive a review especially when it’s complimentary and brings back good memories of the time spent with a particular person so please keep them coming

So it’s Easter now and I’ve been out for a lovely run early this morning. I’m slowly getting better at running running for longer periods and including hills which is something that I used to actively avoid

But on the advice of a lady I met on holiday recently I joined up with a local running group twice a week and it’s amazing how much more you push yourself when you run with a group. since joining in February I’ve done 3 park runs and have been running for 7k plus at least twice a week which I’m really pleased about

I’ve even signed up for some fun runs but not the Bristol 10k I’m not ready for that yet plus it’s on when I’m in Dubai so I have a good reason not to take part

My most recent reviews


Rain Rain Go Away

Can you believe it I booked a holiday recently to Egypt .Perfect I thought lovely warm sunny weather as it was bloody freezing in the UK
Unfortunately I managed to pick the two weeks where the weather was distinctly cold and windy. ( cold and windy don’t really go with Egypt ) it was pretty amusing to see people in the evening in thick Puffa jackets and flip flops sat underneath Patio heaters for warmth.
It even rained and not just a little bit of rain but a full on British style downpour of rain that lasted all day and night.
The fact that it hasn’t rained in Egypt for something like 4 years just added to insult.
I mean rain and Egypt is something that you don’t really think about when planning a holiday
Let’s hope that it won’t rain when I go to Dubai later in the year then I really would be pissed off


Yep I’m a glutton for punishment – I did another bootcamp

So it’s that time of the year when we set promises and resolutions to ourselves to lose weight keep fit and break and bad habits

After my marathon month long residential bootcamp that I took part In last year I had a fantastic time and left feeling healthy and fit until Xmas arrived

To much crap food, baileys, Prosecco meant my normal running was shit.and once you break the habit of clean eating it’s bloody hard to get back on track

I tried to blame it on my new trainers – maybe they were to tight , or I hadn’t broken them in yet but I could feel the baileys and turkey sloshing around in my belly as I ran on Boxing Day

Not wanting to lose all the hard work and time and effort that i had put in since October , I signed up straight away on a New Year Boot camp to get me back on track with bloody amazing results this time if I do say so my self
I’ve hit my goal and gone further than I expected on this camp

But being me I’m still going to keep up with the bootcamps as I realise that’s it’s easy to slip of track and into bad habits so I have more planned for this year and will probably add more as my fitness improves

Ive even signed up for some 5k fun runs later this year so I really have to keep it up now

So I’m back home and back to work soon- but only for 1 week in Bristol before going away on holiday to Egypt ( I need some sunshine and fake handbags) so come and grab my bootcamp booty its nice and firm and needs some attention


Back Home but not for long

So it’s my last week in Bristol till after Christmas and what a nice week it’s been …

Christmas shopping, seeing lots if new and regular clients and catching up with friends and family and having some fab new photos and videos taken last weekend

Also after my mammoth bootcamp of 4 weeks flat out I feel energised and healthy and at the moment have very few bad habits.

I’m running & exercising every day and my running is getting much better and quicker and even though the weather is crap and cold I’m enjoying getting up early and running each day

I have bought all my Xmas presents and I’m wrapping them up in between blowjobs and a picking out my new photos and videos

If you follow me on twitter @BristolEscort you will be able to see some of my new photos and videos before they go on my website

I’m also adding Cheltenham. & Taunton to my Xmas tours so look out for me in both of those cities



The wander returns

One of the fabulous bootcamp villas

So the wander returns – well not exactly a wander but I’ve been away for the past 4 weeks bootcamping to get fit lose weight and also to detox as part of my self indulgent project me plan which I stated at the end of September

Project me was a plan to lose weight, get fit, and detox after a bad knee meant I couldn’t exercise for a few months and got into lots of bad habits

So It’s been amazing 4 weeks . This time I decided to do luxury all the way and it really was the last word in luxury. From 4 swimming pools to a indoor cinema with 2000 films ( that we were to tired to watch) to stunning scenic views and grounds it was the ultimate in luxury surroundings
It’s so much easier to throw yourself into something as physically and mentally draining like a bootcamp if the surrounding are luxurious

It’s defiantly been a different sort of bootcamp this time. I half expected Simon Cowel and co to appear and audition some of us as it certainly had the X Factor in more ways than one.

So after 4 weeks of non stop full on daily exercise, including several day long hikes of 30kl , running, boxing, circuits and eating healthy and detoxing my body of to much diet coke, Jameson’s whiskey and chocolate buttons I finished my bootcamp in top shape . I can do squats in my sleep and I can bang out 50 sit up with ease

My bum while it’s never going to be small it’s defiantly firmer and tighter and surprisingly higher. However the result of losing loads of weight is that my boobs now look even bigger They were the only bit that didn’t shrink so no need to worry guys my boobs are still there for the taking

To treat myself I’ve just had a lots of new photos and videos taken over the weekend to remind myself to keep up the hard work

So watch this space for my new photos and videos in the next few days